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The Boston Investment Conference gathers the brightest minds in the investment community together for a full day of insights, ideas and networking. Each year, conference proceeds benefit a new research initiative at Boston Children’s Hospital, as well as unique collaborations between Boston Children’s and the Broad Institute.

Our Impact

Boston Children’s Hospital is at the leading edge of combined gene therapy and stem cell treatments that not only promise to cure children with devastating illnesses, but could pave the way to revolutionizing how we treat all degenerative brain disorders. This year, the Boston Investment Conference will support the work of Alessandra Biffi, MD, the director of our gene therapy program and a world-renowned expert in the treatment of rare neurological diseases.

With BIC support, Dr. Biffi will launch a first-in-human clinical trial of a novel therapy that places stem cells directly into the brain—in addition to the blood—resulting in faster and more robust production of genetically corrected cells. She will use this therapy to treat children who suffer from a debilitating and until now fatal genetic illness. In addition to saving lives, the trial will advance our understanding of how this revolutionary approach can be used to cure common neurological disorders that affect millions—both children and adults—worldwide.

Boston Children's Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital has been quietly changing the future of health for every child, here and around the world, since 1869. Named the number one hospital for care in the country, we are also the largest research center for pediatric medicine anywhere.

We have a legacy of medical breakthroughs; many leading to treatments for adults. Discoveries include the first measles vaccine, the first remission of leukemia, and the first solid organ transplant. We have been home to two Nobel Laureates, eight Lasker Award (America’s Nobel) winners, and four MacArthur “Genius Grant” Fellows. Boston Children’s receives more NIH grants than any other pediatric institution.


Thank you to our 2018 speakers. Additional speakers will be announced soon.
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Seth Klarman

The Baupost Group

Jonathan S. Lavine

Bain Capital

Narv Narvekar

Harvard Management Company

David M. Rubenstein

The Carlyle Group

Ricky Sandler

Eminence Capital

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