Your Impact

The Boston Investment Conference has fueled a decade of life-changing innovations at Boston Children’s. Thank you for your partnership.

2013 | Infant Brain Monitoring, Ellen Grant, MD

BabyMEG safely and accurately monitors infant brain activity.

Today: Physicians design improved seizure-treatment plans for babies.

2014 | Surgical Simulation, Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD

3D models of each patient’s unique physiology help neurosurgeons tackle the most complex procedures.

Today: Augmented and virtual reality tools expand our global reach.

2015 | Cancer Diagnosis, Mark Fleming, MD, DPhil

The Laboratory for Molecular Pediatric Pathology deploys next-generation sequencing technology.

Today: Experts accurately diagnose cancers and detect cancer-driving gene fusions.

2016 | Mitochondrial Therapy, James McCully, PhD

Healthy mitochondria restore damaged heart tissue.

Today: Mitochondrial therapy is tested in cancer, heart attack and diabetes.

2017 | Blood Stem Cells, Len Zon, MD

Patient-specific blood stem cells are created to treat rare disorders.

Today: Novel drug candidates are screened to accelerate blood stem cell production and bring them to the clinic.

2018 | Gene Therapy, Alessandra Biffi, MD

Stem cells delivered directly to the brain accelerate production of genetically corrected cells.

Today: New treatments for neurological disorders promise to change lives of millions worldwide.

2019 | Customized Therapy, Timothy Yu, MD, PhD

A therapy is created specifically for one child with a rare disease.

Today: Revolutionary thinking about a tailored treatment for a single patient creates hope for thousands worldwide.

2020 | COVID-19 Vaccine, Ofer Levy, MD, PhD

Researchers seek to optimize a coronavirus vaccine for older adults.

Today: Vaccine manufacturers adopt the basic science and advance projects to clinical trials.

2021 | Epilepsy Genetics, Ann Poduri, MD, MPH

Zebrafish models help scientists assess epilepsy drug candidates.

Today: Patients are matched with therapies that target the underlying cause of their epilepsy.

2022 | CAR-T Therapy, Roberto Chiarle, MD

Human trials will test powerful personalized treatment for deadly childhood cancer.

2023 | Telomere Therapy, Suneet Agarwal, MD, Phd

This critical work will pave the way to new treatments and offer fresh hope for children with telomere diseases.