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Boston Children’s Hospital has been quietly changing the future of health for every child, here and around the world, since 1869. Named the number one hospital for care in the country, we are also the largest research center for pediatric medicine anywhere. Each year the conference proceeds benefit a new research initiative at Boston Children’s Hospital, as well as unique collaborations between Boston Children’s and the Broad Institute.  Since inception in 2012, the Boston Investment Conference has generated more than $15M to accelerate the most promising research aimed at better treatments for sick children in the near term.

2020 Boston Investment Conference Awardee

The novel coronavirus is spreading throughout our communities and does not discriminate between those it infects. However, some populations—such as older individuals and those with underlying diseases—are at greater risk of succumbing to COVID-19. An authority on vaccine development, Ofer Levy, MD, PhD, director, Boston Children’s Precision Vaccines Program (PVP), is diligently working to protect the most vulnerable using precision immunology.

The PVP scientists are leveraging precision immunology to optimize COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Their coronavirus vaccine strategy is to combine inactive viral fragments with adjuvants—small molecules that intensify the immune response and make its impact longer lasting. Because immune systems of different populations do not respond to immunization the same way, Levy and his team are devising adjuvant-boosted vaccines to meet the unique needs of those at greatest risk. Using adjuvants also means that each dose of vaccine requires fewer fragments of the virus, making the process cheaper, quicker and more suitable for mass production.
The PVP is currently testing different coronavirus adjuvants in the lab and will be ready to go into clinical trials as soon as fall 2020.

Proceeds from the 2020 Boston Investment Conference will also support BCH employees who experience personal hardships while working tirelessly to keep patients and families safe. Your gift provides critical resources to assist and support  those fighting to save lives.

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Ofer Levy, MD, PhD
Director, Precision Vaccines Program
Boston Children’s Hospital